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0155ME0030   The City 2 Metal Art
0118ME00022   The City Celebrates Wall Sculpture
0074ME00014   The City Metal Wall Hanging
0155ME0016   The City of Avalon 2 Metal Wall Art
0155ME0015   The City of Avalon Metal Wall Decor
0016ME00010   The City Wall Hanging
0075ME00012   The Clockmaker's Crux
0075ME00003   The Colors Fade to Gray
0002ME00026   The Cove Metal Wall Art
BUR00015   The Creation Series #6 Metal Art
BUR00011   The Creation Series #8 Wall Hanging
BUR00017   The Creation Series #9 Wall Art
POL00183   The Dance Metal Wall Decor
0118ME00001   The Darkest Hour Metal Wall Art
0109ME00002   The Day After Metal Wall Sculpture
0118ME00013   The Edge Metal Wall Sculpture
0095ME00007   The Elemental Metal Wall Art
0141ME00011   The End of Summer 2 Metal Artwork
0095ME00018   The Fall Wall Sculpture
0089ME00011   The family dance Wall Hanging
0098ME00019   The Final Hour Wall Sculpture
0087ME00010   The First Snow II Metal Wall Art
0087ME00015   The First Snow Metal Art
0143ME00019   The Flow SQI Metal Wall Art
0143ME00019M   The Flow SQII Metal Wall Art
TRE00030   The Flowering Tree Wall Sculpture
0012ME00002   The Forest Metal Wall Art
0012ME00001   The Forest V.2 Wall Art
0155ME0007   The Forth Element Metal Wall Decor
0058ME00008   The Future Wall Hanging
0102ME00009   The Gathering Metal Wall Art
0142ME00009   The Gift Wall Sculpture
0155ME0008   The Golden Forest Metal Wall Art
CLV00011   The Grass & Beyond Metal Wall Decor
CLV00012   The Grass & Beyond II Metal Wall Art
0155ME00040   The Island Metal Wall Art
0012ME00008   The James Metal Wall Decor
0117ME00016   The King's Highway 4 Metal Art
0044ME00013   The L Metal Wall Art
0155ME0009   The Land of Rohan Metal Wall Sculpture
0155ME0010   The Land of Shiro Metal Art
0155ME00055   The Landing Metal Wall Art
0076ME00019   The Light Metal Art
0064ME00003   The Lighthouse Wall Sculpture
0098ME00011   The Lights of Twilight Wall Sculpture
0088ME00015   The littlest Bird Metal Wall Art
0022ME00002   The Lone Gull Metal Wall Art
POL00572   The Lonely Life Wall Sculpture
0098ME00006   The Love We Shared Metal Wall Sculpture
0155ME0003   The Map to Coloogaz Metal Wall Decor
PAL00089   The Master Mind Metal Wall Decor
POL00285   The Mountains are Alive Wall Art
WOR00001   The Mountains of China Metal Wall Sculpture
0063ME00033   The Music of Life Metal Artwork
0149ME00007   The New Nature Metal Wall Sculpture
0044ME00012   The O Series 10 Metal Artwork
0115ME00016   The Only One Metal Wall Art
0148ME00010   The Open Door Metal Wall Sculpture
0148ME00022   The Open Door SQI Metal Wall Art
0148ME00022M   The Open Door SQII Metal Wall Art
0044ME00008   The Open Fields 11 Metal Wall Hanging
POL00331   The Other Side of the Hill Metal Wall Art
MAD00324   The Overseers Wall Art
0114ME00018   The Painted Sky Metal Artwork
0012ME00014   The Path V.2 Metal Wall Art
NOR00008   The Patriotic Eagle Metal Wall Sculpture
0011ME00002   The Performer Wall Decor
0113ME00011   The Race Wall Art
0155ME00054   The Red Building Metal Wall Art
0015ME00002   The Red Dogwood Metal Wall Art
0012ME00018   The Reflection Metal Wall Decor
NOR00006   The Restless Bobber Metal Wall Decor
0075ME00033   The River Horse
0150ME00019   The Road Less Traveled Wall Sculpture
0150ME00026   The Road Less Travelled SQI Metal Wall Art
0150ME00026M   The Road Less Travelled SQII Metal Wall Art
MAD00268   The Rush Wall Sculpture
0155ME00045   The Sea Metal Wall Art
PAL00069   The Season of Singing Has Come Metal Wall Art
0155ME00046   The Silver Bay Metal Wall Art
0155ME0023   The Silver Sea Metal Wall Decor
0075ME00009   The Snowy Hunter
0143ME00018   The Song 2 Metal Art
0106ME00013   The Spirit Within Metal Wall Sculpture
STS00138   The Start Metal Wall Art
0124ME00007   The State of the Nation Metal Wall Sculpture
0124ME00013   The State of the Nation SQI Metal Wall Art
0124ME00013M   The State of the Nation SQII Metal Wall Art
CLV00016   The Struggle Metal Wall Hanging
CLV00014   The Struggle Wall Sculpture
0075ME00018   The Sun Will Never Set
0075ME00004   The Test of the Heart
JON00021   The View From Here Wall Sculpture
0134ME00003   The Visitor Wall Art
0008ME00001   The Wave Wall Art
0082ME00015   The Weaver Metal Wall Art
0075ME00027   The Weeping Tree's Song
POL00354   The Whispering Thicket Wall Sculpture
0155ME0024   The White Forest Metal Wall Art
0155ME00053   The White House Metal Wall Art
0155ME0019   The White House Metal Wall Decor
0011ME00015   The White Teapot Metal Artwork
0099ME00047   The Wind Metal Wall Art
0076ME00012   The Wishing Tree Metal Wall Art
0064ME00011   The-Swing Wall Art
0010ME00008   Them Apples Metal Wall Decor
ABS00027   Thermogenic Eruption Wall Sculpture
0022ME00024   Thick Paint Abstract I Metal Wall Hanging
ABS00154   Thicket Wall Sculpture
0118ME00016   Thinly Veiled Disguise Wall Decor
POL00432   Thoughts in Red Wall Art
0141ME00012   Three Avocado Halves Wall Art
0116ME00008   Three Birds on a Branch Metal Wall Sculpture
0122ME00017   Three Blue Birds Metal Wall Sculpture
0033ME00011   Three Little Birds Metal Artwork
0064ME00007   Three Trees Five Birds Wall Decor
0122ME00012   Three Trees Metal Artwork
MAD00126   Threes Company Metal Wall Hanging
MAD00264   Through Rose Colored Glass Wall Decor
0016ME00012   Thunder Sky Wall Decor
0128ME00020   Thunder Storm SQI Metal Wall Art
0128ME00020M   Thunder Storm SQII Metal Wall Art
0128ME00004   Thunder Storm Wall Sculpture
0072ME00014   Tide Pool Rising Wall Sculpture
0002ME00015   Tide Pools Metal Wall Art
0072ME00012   Tide Pools Wall Art
FISH00004   Tiger Muskie Metal Wall Art
FIS00021   Tiger Muskie Wall Sculpture
0004ME00014   Tiger Wall Art
POL00553   Tilted Blossom Wall Decor
0087ME00011   Timberland Wall Hanging
BUR00012   Time and Tide Metal Wall Hanging
0120ME00004   Time Flies Wall Sculpture
BRA00011   Time Is On My Side Wall Art
PAL00193   Time Marches On Metal Wall Art
NOR00029   Time of Reflections Metal Wall Art
0058ME00035   Time to Recharge Metal Wall Art
0115ME00026   Time Track Metal Wall Art
ASH00003   Time Traveler Wall Decor
0107ME00006   Timeless Light Metal Wall Hanging
0107ME00025   Timeless Light SQI Metal Wall Art
0107ME00025M   Timeless Light SQII Metal Wall Art
0077ME00002   Timeless Metal Wall Art
URB00012   Timeless Travels Wall Decor
POL00105   Timeless Wall Decor
0078ME00012   Times Square New York Metal Artwork
0078ME00021   Times Square Rush Metal Art
0063ME00025   Tims Autumn Trees Metal Wall Art
0063ME00026   Tims Winter Forest Wall Sculpture
0001ME00003   Tinkeltees Wall Hanging
0110ME00012   Tiptoe 1 Metal Wall Art
0110ME00013   Tiptoe 2 Metal Wall Hanging
0110ME00014   Tiptoe 3 Metal Wall Sculpture
0110ME00015   Tiptoe 4 Metal Wall Decor
ABS00320   To The Blue Point II Metal Wall Art
ABS00338   To The Blue Point III Metal Wall Hanging
ABS00360   To The Blue Point IV Wall Decor
ABS00214   To The Point II Wall Decor
ABS00235   To The Point III Wall Decor
ABS00264   To The Point IV Metal Wall Decor
ABS00185   To The Point Metal Wall Hanging
MAD00042   To the Sky Metal Wall Hanging
MAD00041   To the Sky Wall Art
MAD00043   To the Sky Wall Decor
0099ME00045   Together Entwined Metal Wall Sculpture
0069ME00016   Togetherness Metal Wall Hanging
0094ME00013   token Metal Art
0094ME00023   Token SQI Metal Wall Art
0094ME00023M   Token SQII Metal Wall Art
0043ME00013   Tokyo Metal Wall Hanging
0094ME00016   Tone Metal Wall Art
0144ME00004   Too Deep Metal Wall Art
0101ME00006   Topiary Tree Metal Artwork
POL00425   Torn Notebook Wall Art
0155ME0029   Toronto Metal Wall Sculpture
URB00071   Toronto Reflection II Metal Wall Hanging
URB00048   Toronto Reflection Wall Sculpture
0103ME00002   Tour Eiffel Metal Wall Decor
0156ME00016   Touring with 6 Horses Metal Wall Art
POL00638   Toward Mountain Tops Wall Hanging
0113ME00001   Tower Metal Art
NOR00001   Towering Timbers Wall Sculpture
MAD00094   Towering Trees In Blue Sky Metal Wall Art
MAD00093   Towering Trees Metal Wall Decor
MAD00092   Towering Woods Wall Decor
POL00364   Tracking Snow Wall Decor
0071ME00009   Trailing Metal Art
POL00213   Tranquil Times Metal Wall Sculpture
POL00201   Tranquility Wall Art
0077ME00035   Tranquility Wall Hanging
0137ME00007   Transcendeal Manifesto I Metal Artwork
0137ME00008   Transcendeal Manifesto II Wall Art
0149ME00017   Transform Metal Art
0036ME00022   Transient Relationship Metal Art
0046ME00014   Transparencies II Wall Hanging
0046ME00009   Transparencies Metal Artwork
POL00323   Traveling to the Water Metal Wall Decor
0126ME00005   Tree 1 Metal Art
0095ME00017   Tree Bark Metal Wall Art
0099ME00012   Tree Circ De Sole 001 Metal Art

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