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0114ME00008   Circle of Hope Metal Wall Decor
0068ME00006   Circle of Light Wall Hanging
0082ME00002   Circle of Metal Wall Decor
0148ME00020   Circles & Squares VI SQI Metal Wall Art
0148ME00020M   Circles & Squares VI SQII Metal Wall Art
0154ME00006   Circles 3 Metal Wall Art
0148ME00005   Circles and Squares III Metal Artwork
0148ME00008   Circles and Squares VI Metal Wall Art
0017ME00007   Circling Metal Wall Decor
MAD00223   Circling the World 1 Wall Sculpture
MAD00308   Circling the World Wall Hanging
0142ME00017   City at Dawn Wall Sculpture
0118ME00015   City Celebration Metal Wall Hanging
0082ME00016   City in Conflict Metal Wall Hanging
0082ME00026   City in Conflict SQI Metal Wall Art
0082ME00026M   City in Conflict SQII Metal Wall Art
POL00404   City in the Distance Wall Art
0155ME00031   City Lights 7 Metal Wall Art
0130ME00006   City Lights II Metal Wall Sculpture
0130ME00015   City Lights II SQI Metal Wall Art
0130ME00015M   City Lights II SQII Metal Wall Art
0143ME00012   City of Color and Light
0016ME00016   City Rain Wall Art
0155ME00032   City Rush 4 Metal Art
0155ME0018   City View Metal Art
0155ME0025   City View Metal Wall Sculpture
0135ME00008   Cityscape Dusk Metal Artwork
0118ME00028   Cityscape Metal Art
0082ME00009   Civilization Metal Wall Sculpture
0082ME00023   Civilization SQI Metal Wall Art
0082ME00023M   Civilization SQII Metal Wall Art
MAD00049   Classic Beauty Metal Wall Hanging
MAD00048   Classic Beauty Wall Art
MAD00050   Classic Beauty Wall Decor
0152ME00011   Classic Car 1 Metal Wall Art
0152ME00012   Classic Car 2 Metal Wall Art
POL00536   Classic Farm Wall Sculpture
0035ME00001   Clear Bigger Metal Wall Hanging
POL00228   Clear Reflections Wall Sculpture
POL00286   Clearing Metal Wall Hanging
0018ME00005   Cleveland 1 Wall Sculpture
0018ME00006   Cleveland 2 Metal Wall Art
0003ME00025   Cliff Metal Art
0025ME00006   Cliffs Of Santa Barbara Wall Hanging
POL00341   Climbing the Hill Wall Art
POL00548   Climbing Trees Metal Wall Art
MAD00215   Closest to nature Metal Artwork
MAD00168   Clouded Past Metal Wall Decor
LAN00023   Clouds in the Sky Wall Art
POL00507   Clouds Rolling In Metal Wall Sculpture
0015ME00013   Clouds Today Wall Sculpture
0076ME00002   Cloudscape Metal Wall Art
0029ME00015   Clown Face Metal Art
0130ME00004   Cluster Start Metal Wall Art
0142ME00005   Coalesce Metal Wall Decor
POL00198   Cobalt Creation Metal Wall Art
ASH00015   Cocktails and Dreams Metal Artwork
0029ME00010   Coconut Island Metal Wall Art
COF00008   Coffee Blossom Metal Wall Sculpture
COF00003   Coffee Cabana Wall Art
COF00010   Coffee for 2 Wall Art
FOO00001   Coffee Plant Metal Wall Decor
POL00291   Cold Water Wall Sculpture
ULTRA00031   Collection II Metal Artwork
ULTRA00026   Collection Metal Wall Decor
0001ME00014   Color in Motion #6 Metal Wall Hanging
0017ME00008   Color 25 Metal Art
0022ME00004   Color and pattern abstract 2 Metal Wall Hanging
0022ME00005   Color and pattern abstract Wall Decor
PALM00022   Color Blocks Metal Wall Art
PALM00021   Color Blocks Metal Wall Decor
PALM00023   Color Blocks Metal Wall Sculpture
0077ME00001   Color Burst Wall Art
0148ME00016   Color Chart Metal Wall Art
POL00447   Color Crash Metal Wall Hanging
0059ME00004   Color Festival Wall Sculpture
0001ME00001   Color in Motion #2 Wall Sculpture
0001ME00002   Color in Motion #1 Metal Wall Art
0001ME00009   Color in Motion #4 Wall Art
0001ME00005   Color in Motion #5 Wall Decor
0001ME00015   Color in Motion #7 Wall Decor
0022ME00007   Color panel abstract Metal Art
0022ME00009   Color Panel- Blue Sky Wall Art
0022ME00010   Color Panel- Olive Metal Wall Art
PALM00008   Color Rush Metal Wall Art
POL00437   Color Slash Metal Wall Sculpture
POL00399   Color Vortex Wall Decor
POL00260   Colored Floor Metal Wall Decor
POL00203   Colored Movement Wall Decor
POL00373   Colored Subtlety Metal Wall Art
POL00271   Colored Sunset Wall Art
POL00170   Colored Trees Metal Wall Art
0002ME00019   Colored Walls Venice Metal Wall Art
STIL00001   Colorful Bottles Metal Wall Decor
ABS00003   Colorful communication Wall Sculpture
0078ME00017   Colorful Cow Wall Hanging
0092ME00004   Colorful Fall Metal Artwork
0141ME00008   Colorful Flowers 3 Metal Wall Sculpture
0012ME00005   Colorful Garden Wall Hanging
POL00233   Colorful Intentions Metal Wall Art
0092ME00027   Colorful Landscape Wall Sculpture
POL00138   Colorful Leaves Wall Art
0078ME00025   Colorful Romance Wall Sculpture
POL00178   Colorful Scene Metal Wall Sculpture
0092ME00017   Colorful Tulips Wall Sculpture
POL00211   Colorful Way Metal Wall Decor
PALM00012   Colors Dance Metal Wall Hanging
0028ME00014   Colors in Oil Wall Hanging
0040ME00015   Colors of Kauai Wall Sculpture
POL00325   Colors of Nature Metal Wall Sculpture
NOR00015   Colors of the North Metal Wall Art
POL00265   Colors of the Tree Metal Wall Hanging
POL00560   Colors Of The Tree Metal Wall Hanging
0148ME00012   Columnar VII Metal Art
0148ME00024   Columnar VII SQII Metal Wall Art
0148ME00024M   Columnar VII SQII Metal Wall Art
0094ME00017   Combination Wall Sculpture
0115ME00030   Come Closer Metal Wall Decor
0112ME00010   Coming Home 1 Metal Wall Hanging
0112ME00009   Coming Home 2 Metal Wall Art
0076ME00014   Coming Home Metal Wall Art
0121ME00006   Coming of Day Wall Art
0124ME00005   Committ Metal Wall Art
FISH00003   Common Carp Metal Wall Decor
0105ME00004   Compass Metal Wall Decor
CUB00003   Complementary Hues Metal Wall Art
0107ME00001   Complementary Skies Metal Art
SWS00128   Complex Metal Wall Art
STS00128   Complexity Metal Wall Art
0005ME00012   Complicated Metal Artwork
MAD00024   Complimentary Growth Metal Wall Art
MAD00025   Complimentary Growth Metal Wall Sculpture
MAD00026   Complimentary Growth Wall Sculpture
0094ME00004   Comply Metal Artwork
0077ME00037   Composure Wall Decor
0037ME00014   Condy Pair Metal Wall Art
SWS00136   Conflict Metal Wall Art
STS00136   Conflicting Metal Wall Art
PAL00104   Confluence Metal Wall Art
0094ME00005   Conform Wall Art
PAL00188   Congestion Metal Wall Art
VAN00020   Conglomerate of Isolates Wall Hanging
POL00262   Coniferous Meets Deciduous Metal Wall Sculpture
0103ME00014   Conleys Creek II Wall Sculpture
0115ME00011   Connect Me Metal Art
0074ME00015   Connect to Me Wall Decor
ABS00025   Connected illusion Metal Wall Sculpture
ABS00198   Connecting Rings II Wall Art
ABS00221   Connecting Rings III Wall Decor
ABS00248   Connecting Rings IV Metal Wall Hanging
ABS00374   Connecting Rings V Metal Wall Art
ABS00172   Connecting Rings Wall Decor
0036ME00004   Conservation of Momentum Metal Art
0094ME00020   Consolidate SQI Metal Wall Art
0094ME00020M   Consolidate SQII Metal Wall Art
0094ME00001   Consolidate Wall Decor
0067ME00009   Constructed Metal Wall Decor
0043ME00014   Construction 1 Wall Decor
0017ME00009   Contact Metal Artwork
PAL00059   Contemplating Perseverance Metal Wall Hanging
PALM00004   Contemporary Cool Wall Art
SWS00122   Continuation Metal Wall Art
STS00122   Continue Metal Wall Art
POL00444   Contrast Colors Metal Wall Sculpture
POL00189   Contrasted Emotion Wall Decor
FLOR00024   Contrasted Nature Metal Wall Decor
0121ME00012   Convergence II Metal Art
ABS00306   Cool Advance II Metal Wall Art
ABS00326   Cool Advance III Metal Wall Decor
ABS00344   Cool Advance IV Wall Art
ABS00288   Cool Advance Wall Art
URB00024   Cool Chicago Skyline Metal Wall Decor
ABS00301   Cool Collision Wall Sculpture
ABS00319   Cool Conjunction II Metal Wall Decor
ABS00339   Cool Conjunction III Wall Decor
ABS00359   Cool Conjunction IV Metal Wall Hanging
ABS00297   Cool Conjunction Wall Decor
ABS00302   Cool Cosmic Cluster Wall Art
ABS00312   Cool Current II Metal Wall Decor
ABS00328   Cool Current III Metal Wall Sculpture
ABS00350   Cool Current IV Wall Sculpture
ABS00290   Cool Current Wall Decor
ABS00322   Cool Energy II Wall Sculpture
ABS00337   Cool Energy III Wall Art
ABS00355   Cool Energy IV Metal Wall Art
ABS00304   Cool Energy Wall Decor
POL00419   Cool Flowers Metal Wall Hanging
POL00359   Cool Ground Touches Warm Sky Metal Wall Art
URB00028   Cool Los Angeles Skyline Wall Art
URB00032   Cool Minneapolis Skyline Metal Wall Art
URB00030   Cool New York City Skyline Wall Decor
MAD00130   Cool Night Metal Wall Sculpture
URB00022   Cool Philadelphia Skyline Metal Wall Hanging
URB00026   Cool San Francisco Skyline Metal Wall Sculpture
PAL00088   Cool Set Wall Decor
POL00412   Cool Tones Metal Wall Hanging
ABS00313   Cool Utopia II Metal Wall Art
ABS00334   Cool Utopia III Metal Wall Art
ABS00351   Cool Utopia IV Wall Art
ABS00370   Cool Utopia V Metal Wall Decor

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